San Cisco: The Water

Is it wrong to want more?

San Cisco have always been a festival favourite in Australia. Their happy, fun indie-pop vibes pair perfectly with summer breezes and a can of your favourite tipple.

Their latest album, The Water, is no different.

The only question here is, just how much are they coasting at this point? How many times can we hear a jerky-pop song with cutesy-witty lyrics?

I’d like to see them push past tracks like ‘Kids Are Cool’ and ‘That Boy’, and into fresher territory with something that feels completely different – something like the retro-tinged ‘Waiting For The Weekend’.

Overall, it’s not like I hated it. It’s a solid and entertaining album for anyone looking to recapture those summer feels as the weather cools.

Is it wrong to want more?


This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 168. You can read it here.

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