We interviewed San Cisco

A little West Coast act doing big things.

San Cisco has come a long way since making waves with its Awkward EP in 2011. 

The group has spent the past year touring their second album Gracetown, which cements the four-piece’s distinctive sound as sitting somewhere between indie-pop and, more recently, alt-rock. 

Members Jordi, Josh, Nick and Scarlett have been busy refining their style and not just in the music sense. The West Coast act is the face of Glue Stores Winter ’16 denim campaign.

We caught up with drummer, Scarlett Stevens, to chat about the shoot, her music idols, the downfalls of drummer fashion and what’s next for San Cisco.

Tell us a bit about the shoot for Glue Store.

It was heaps of fun and the team were super professional. We’ve never really done anything like that but they made everyone feel comfortable and it was fun trying out all the different looks.

What’s your go-to denim piece?

You can’t go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans. I really liked the Nobody Denim jeans I got to wear. They’re made in Australia, so you’re supporting a local label and the quality’s amazing.

Right now I’m really into flared jeans too, so I’ve been wearing a lot of Levi’s and that kind of thing.

As a musician, do you think that music and fashion are intertwined?

Definitely. I think the two go hand-in-hand and denim is like the ultimate uniform for any musician. It’s durable and it never goes out of style, so you can’t go wrong. Double denim is even better.

Who in the band is most interested in the fashion side of things?

I think me.

Do you find it’s automatically assumed to be you?

Probably, but it’s definitely a hobby for me. I like finding vintage pieces and going to markets and op shops and buying old accessories and things. I think the boys have taken more of an interest in [fashion] over the years. Jordi and Josh are definitely into their looks.

Do you find that your music reflects your style?

I think so. I draw a lot of inspiration from vintage clothing and ’60s and ’70s icons. And I think our music reflects those eras a bit.

Are some of your style icons musicians from the ’60s and ’70s?

Definitely. I love Debbie Harry, Studio 54 Cher, Olivia Newton John and Nancy Sinatra.

How important is fashion to you when picking outfits for the stage?

Well, I’ve always been envious of front women because they can kind of wear whatever they want. Drummers have to really think about what’s going to be comfortable and functional. So I kind of miss out on wearing cool shoes. The focus is always on the top, so a cool blouse or a cool T-shirt and a pair of jeans usually.

Has your writing and recording style changed since you first started?

Definitely. When we first started we’d just get together as a band. Jordi would have some lyrics and we’d just jam out the music and come up with something like that. But now we sort of record as we go and all pitch in. The creative process has definitely changed and evolved, but we’re up for trying anything when it comes to song writing. We experiment a bit but mainly it’s Jordi writing the lyrics and Josh will have some music that he’s demoed. Then we all get together and figure out which direction or which style we want to take the song.

What’s your favourite song from Gracetown to play live?

I really like playing ‘Run’. I think that’s my favourite song on the album and it’s heaps of fun to play live.

You’ve played plenty of under 18’s shows. Is this a result of you guys being quite young when San Cisco started out?

I think so. I think our fans have also kind of grown up with us. Our music appeals to young people and hopefully they connect to something that we do, whether it’s our lyrics or the similar age. When I was under 18, it never felt like there were enough gigs to go to. And [underage shows are] always the most exciting shows to play. The enthusiasm is just unmatched anywhere else.

What’s up next for San Cisco?

We’ve been writing and recording. We’ve been in the studio all week coming up with new material, so that’s been lots of fun. I think we’re just going to get together as a band, start jamming more and working on new material. That’s really our focus at the moment.


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