You can now add music to your Instagram Stories

Image via Instagram
Words by Tara Smith


Nothing will ruin an Instagram Story faster than the sound of music played through tinny iPhone speakers.

Thankfully, Instagram is solving that problem with the introduction of music to Stories.

Now, users will be able to select from a library of thousands of songs to add to their Story. All you need to do is tap the sticker function on a photo or video, where a music icon will pop up.

Users will get the option to search for a specific song, or browse by genre/mood/what’s popular. Once the song is selected, a preview will be played, where you can fast-forward to the exact part you’d like to play over your Story.

You’ll also get the option to select a song before capturing a video – simply swipe to the new ‘music’ option under the record button. While this feature is currently only available on iOS, Instagram claims it will be arriving on Android soon.

According to a press release, the feature is currently being rolled out and will be available in ‘select countries’.

If you need us, we’ll be busy updating our apps.

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