Your pet can now rule over the Seven Kingdoms with this Iron Throne bed

Images via Made for Pets
Words by Tara Smith


If like most households, your pet rules over the property like a lord over peasants, we have excellent news.

You can now purchase a real-life Iron Throne for your pet, giving them the power to rule over the Seven Kingdoms (or, your home) just as nature intended.

However, instead of being crafted from the blades of enemies, this bed is much more animal-friendly. The throne itself is constructed of foam rubber and covered with a soft textile. You’ll find decorative swords in the place of real ones, with a pillow for your little heir to sit on.

While technically, it is a cat bed, we’re sure any Direwolf pup would feel just as home in this prestigious throne. The glory of the Seven Kingdoms doesn’t come cheap though, with the bed costing $396.

Head here to get yours before Season 8 drops.


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