30 Michael Scott GIFs that sum up ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 3

Words by Veronica Stanford

Spoilers ahead (obvs).

Well, it’s over – The greatest battle in TV history played out yesterday, and we’re still in shock.

For those who still haven’t quite grappled with the emotional rollercoaster that was Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3, here’s a recap of every feel, as told through the eyes of Michael Scott.

When the episode kicks off and you see the armies of the Seven Kingdoms unite to become one super army:

When you realise Melisandre is about to light all the Dothraki weapons:

Then the panic that comes when the Dothraki seemingly disappear into the dark:

Seeing the full size of the Army of the Dead for the first time:

When you’re trying to keep up with who’s going down in battle but you can’t see anything:

And you realise the entirety of the Dothraki and most of the Unsullied are now dead:

When The Night King finally shows his face:

When Melisandre becomes MVP and lights the trench on fire:

But then the dead start sacrificing themselves to get past the burning trenches:

When The Hound gives up fighting the wights:

And Lyanna Mormont dies a true hero:

The anger that comes when you realise Bran isn’t going to take over Viserion’s mind:

And the terror when Jon and Dany are in the clouds looking for The Night King:

When Ayra is running around Winterfell all on her own:

Seeing Daenerys try to burn The Night King but he is smiling through the flames:

But you see Jon running towards him:

And then you realise The Night King is about to raise all the people who have just been killed:

The shock when the dead rise in the crypt (even though you knew it was coming):

When Sansa and Tyrion look like they’re about to go Romeo and Juliet and take their lives together:

Trying to work out how Jon seemingly killed about 500 wights while all on his own:

And trying to figure how Sam somehow hasn’t died yet:

When Theon is about to take on The Night King:

Seeing The Night King and Bran stare down:

Ayra jumping onto The Night King out of nowhere:

But The Night King looks like he just stuck his fingers through her jugular:

When Ayra drops the dagger, catches it and STABS THE NIGHT KING:

Confirming she is, once and for all, the best character:

Jon realising he was never going to kill The Night King:

The thought that you went through 82 minutes of extreme stress to find out everyone actually survived:

When you’re deciding if you want to watch the trailer for next week:

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