Zero-gravity champagne is here in time for your next space exploration

Words by Stephanie Vigilante

The new frontier.

If you’ve ever wondered how astronauts raise a toast in space, the answer is they haven’t. Until now.

Together with Spade – an agency specialising in space design – Maison Mumm will officially launch Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar in September, a gravity-defying champagne.

The high-tech bottle design is crafted from transparent glass and uses the champagne’s gas to expel the liquid into a ring-shaped frame. Appearing as a sparkling ball of foam, it floats until gathered in a specially designed, cone-shaped glass.

The surface tension makes the floating droplets cling to the glass, so it can be raised to the lips as well as allowing for the familiar champagne clinking ritual. The unique, weightless conditions also impact the taste, with less fizz and a more intense flavour.

If you’re having a hard time visualising how it all works, check it out in action below.


Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar will be the first champagne to be served outside the Earth’s atmosphere, with plans to supply to space missions and commercial space flights in the future.

This calls for a toast.


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