Australian pop artist Banoffee on the music that made her year

photography by Julian Bouchan

words by Sarah Noonan

Eclecticism at its finest.

Despite being an unbelievably terrible year (or perhaps because of it?), 2020 has been packed with excellent music. So much of it, in fact, that I’m sure there are albums, singles and music videos that have entirely passed you by.

I know there have been for me, and that’s why I’m asking some of Australia’s most innovative and talented artists to tell me about the music they couldn’t stop listening to this year. Because who better to ask than people who literally make music for a living?

Next up is Australian pop musician Banoffee, who has been praised for her slick electronic sounds and playful edge. Her brand of ethereal, mutant pop combines R&B and electronica with non-traditional yet vibrant sonic palettes to devastatingly beautiful effect. 

While Banoffee’s debut album Look At Us Now Dad draws on experiences of trauma and transformation, she never fails to entice a good boogie with her sonic talent. Below are Banoffee’s top picks of the year. Enjoy.

Empress Of – I’m Your Empress Of album

This album is very VERY special to me. The production is so on point and I love to run to this album from start to finish. Lorely’s lyrics are so poetic and relatable, something very hard to achieve in a good pop song.  I recommend this whole album.

Mouth Tooth – ‘Please Don’t’

This song is so sad and cute at the same time. Mouth Tooth record their stuff on tape so it’s reminiscent of a time that’s less digital and the emotion hits really hard with the very raw way the song is recorded.

King Princess – ‘Only Time Makes It Human’

Michaela has done many good things in her career, I think this song, in particular, shows her strength and versatility as a songwriter. What a deliciously wonky production with incredibly relatable lyrics.

Laurel – ‘The Best I Ever Had’

A love song that truly captures that addictive and all-encapsulating feeling of being in love.

Charli XCX – ‘Enemy’

This song has really complex, cool lyrics. I feel like this a lot. The conflict of trusting yourself versus other people and how confusing that can be.

Bladee – ‘Don’t Worry’

This song is so perfect in my opinion. This entire album is so good but this song, in particular, is just bang on. The contrast of such emotional lyrics but such a hardcore autotune is really interesting. I think Bladee is such an expert at this sort of juxtaposition.

Cecile Believe – Plucking A Cherry From The Void album

This album has been the soundtrack to my last week. I love running to this album. “I don’t know what the hell is happening – something terrible or magical or both” is my 2020 in a nutshell.

Mary Glenn – ‘Looking At You Now’

This song breaks my heart. I listen to it most days when I’m driving. Sometimes in the bath. It’s a song to sit still to. Or a song to run through pain with.

Head here to listen to Banoffee’s new album ‘Look At Us Now Dad’.


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