Behold: the white woman’s parody of ‘This Is America’ we never asked for

Images via Nicole Arbour/Youtube

The internet is not happy.

A little over a week since Childish Gambino’s captivating single ‘This Is America’ dropped, we’ve now been gifted the parody we didn’t ask for.

Created by self-proclaimed comedian Nicole Arbour, ‘This Is America: Women’s Edit’ reworks the lyrics to discuss beauty standards, the pay gap and rape. And while no one would dispute the topics Arbour covers are deserving of attention in their own right, the overwhelming consensus is that she’s gentrified the original to fit a white ‘feminist’ angle.

Many have also alluded to the fact the video is a perfect example of the distraction the original seemingly points out.

If you have the energy to sit through all three minutes, you can watch it below.

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