Billie Eilish: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Words by Gloria Brancatisano

More than just attitude.

Since she dropped ‘Ocean Eyes’ in 2016, at just 14 years old, unprecedented hype has followed Billie Eilish.

There’s something refreshing about the way she goes against the grain of the pop machine, trading manufacture for something a whole lot messier.

But what is a dead-eyed stare and a snarl, if the music doesn’t hold up?

Thankfully, on her debut album, Eilish is proving she’s more than just attitude. With a sophisticated wit and panache beyond her years, she breezes between folk, EDM, and hip hop influences.

There are menacing moments of off-kilter oddity, jazz-inflected grooves and even huge electro-trap drops.

A sincerity and vulnerability is present too, where the noise is pulled back and the strength of her vocals is left to shine.

The real question is, ‘how far can Billie Eilish take this thing?’ The triumph here is all in the potential.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 189. You can read it here.

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