Exclusive: Chitra unveils video for ‘Better Than Before’

Image via Nick McKinlay


Talented singer-songwriter Chitra has just unveiled a video for ‘Better Than Before’. And your day’s about to get a little brighter.

Directed by Nick McKinlay – with none other than Julia Jacklin as assisting director – the stunning clip explores the notion of changing yourself in order to fit in.

“Filmed in the bay off Sandringham, Chitra and I found materials where she would blend into her backgrounds,” explained Nick. “By doing this we hoped to convey her trying to change herself for another person, to fill the role she feels she should.”

“We shot the clip in one afternoon spending the day climbing up little bits of hill to get the right shot and over rocks to be closer to the shore. The concept of using the materials to blend into the landscape was a really nice and simple idea that Nick thought of which I think ended up working really well and is really effective in parallel to the song itself,” added Chitra.

Check out the video below and keep an eye out for the singer’s newest EP coming soon.

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