Exclusive: Sydney songwriter Moon Brain drops new single ‘Disguise Despised’

Images via Vinnie Botton
Words by Tara Smith

On repeat.

Right before we head into the weekend, Sydney singer-songwriter Moon Brain has launched a brand new track to fall in love with.

‘Disguise Despised’ is the follow-up single to Moon Brain’s self-titled debut album, a cinematic indie pop piece filled with lush synths and bass grooves.

The man behind the moniker, David Rogers, played every single instrument on the track (bar drums). He spoke about his inspiration to Fashion Journal:

“I wrote this track while really struggling with my identity and finding myself overwhelmed with anxiety. A self-help lament for the highly anxious; to take stock of your internal and external bearings, acknowledge and allow yourself to feel, then try to let it all go.

It was written at a very traumatic time in my life and I ended up escaping overseas to record with my longtime friend Simon Todkill at the Pool Studios London.”

You can catch Moon Brain in person at his Sydney single launch on March 12, or listen to ‘Disguise Despised’ below.


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