Huntly: Low Grade Buzz


A cathartic dance party.

Huntly pulled us in with the ‘doof you can cry to’ tagline (because who doesn’t love a sad dance?).

But that sentiment seems almost too simple for everything that’s delivered on Low Grade Buzz.

While the record is rooted in tales that are deeply contemplative and emotional, it’s the balance of triumph and empowerment that really holds each track together.

Take the way ‘Wiggle’ flips the standard break-up song, or ‘Drop Gear’ moves from a tender, piano-led ballad to an emotional, techno-pop banger.

The real strength of Low Grade Buzz, though, is the strides Huntly – as a trio of musicians – has taken.

Everything is sleeker and more purposeful (even the most simple soundscapes are filled with intricate layers), but nothing feels forced or overblown.

Instead we get a cathartic, confessional dance party that moves through different styles and genres without ever losing its own identity.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 188. You can read it here.

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