This artist reimagining your fave singers as ’80s pop stars is a mood

Back to the future.

There’s no doubt in our minds that the ’80s were a great time – big hair, big fashion and even bigger tunes.

And now, one hero has decided to take us all back to the glory days, with a new series called The 2080’s – Past is the Future.

Reimagining today’s pop stars as their ’80s counterparts, Columbian artist Fulaleo has come up with 18 vintage-inspired LP covers and witty album titles to match.

See Justin Bieber looking like a member of Wham on the cover of Long Live My Mustache and Bruno Mars on Born In The Wrong Decade.

Beyoncé, Cardi B, RiRi, The Weeknd, DJ Khaled and more have also been given the ’80s treatment.

Check out the works above, or give your IG feed some joy by following here.


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