Justin Bieber’s new docuseries ‘Seasons’ is a bizarre binge-watch

Image via YouTube
Words by Indah Dwyer

I guess Bieber Fever never dies.

For most millennials and some Gen Z-ers, Justin Beiber is kind of like a long-distance relative who is also the most famous person alive. But after his ‘Purpose’ tour in 2017, Justin took a three-year hiatus from stardom.

In that time he got married, started a fashion label, figured out he needs to make music not just for himself, dropped a single called ‘Yummy‘, and apparently made a documentary series about his life.

Following Justin’s previous documentary, 2011’s ‘Never Say Never’, this new series titled ‘Seasons’ leaves me wondering how many docos someone can make about themselves before they’re thirty. Regardless, Justin visiting his family homes and getting emotional about being ashamed to be poor is hard to not enjoy, even for a second.

Justin’s renaissance – though expected – didn’t come without a dose of weirdness. And the world has been calling his not so discreet marketing strategies ‘questionable’.

The star’s promo strategy for ‘Yummy’ involved posting 13 pictures of babies on his Instagram within 24 hours, each with the hashtag ‘yummy’. As the song’s got strong sexual connotations, it was a bizarre and misguided move.

So whether you’re a ride or die a belieber, you’re dying to see how JB got to this strange place in his life, or you’re just craving some mindless trash, the full series will air on YouTube Premium this coming Monday.

In the meantime, watch the first episode here.  

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