Mila Nile realises new video for single ‘Mislead Me’

Words by Indah Dwyer

The Swedish Lorde

Mila Nile started playing music in the icy north, but now this Swede calls Sydney home and she is giving Australia a unique take on indie pop. 

Her influences range from artists like Trove Styrke to Lorde.

As Mila’s music doesn’t shy away from human struggles, the single is inspired by the not-so-easy task of meeting and conversing with new people. 

On this Mila says, “I’ve always struggled interacting with new people, and have quite a bit of social anxiety, so the words came out straight away”

But with the energetic tempo over these personal lyrics, Mila succeeds in letting go of this anxiety by making you want to let your hair down and dance. Which is exactly what she does in this new clip.

You can watch the clip to ‘Mislead Me’ below.

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