Alicia Keys: Here


From the opening strains of Here, you can hear Keys’ emotionally charged energy, her urgency to get a message out. 

It’s a message about life, politics and her new sound. Opener ‘The Gospel’ and tracks like ‘Pawn It All’, nod to southern roots – strange, considering she’s all NYC, all the time. 

The most interesting thing about this album, however, is how cool it is. 

Perhaps it’s the collab with A$AP Rocky. Perhaps it’s the production team of Mark Batson and Swizz Beatz. Perhaps it’s the obvious influence of Beyoncé’s latest. Either way, it’s music to my ears after some questionable releases recently. 

Thank god there’s no more ‘Girl On Fire’, because this is, instead, pure #fiyah. 

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 163. You can read it here.

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