Dune Rats: The Kids Will Know it’s Bullshit


If stoner-Aussie-surf-rock is your thing, then this is the album for your summer. And if it’s not, well, why not? It’s the quintessential antidote to the seriousness of Tame Impala.

This is the kind of album that was also made in a garage, but with a sense of humour that winks at Straya, rather than erring into joke territory.

At first glance it’s a fairly simple, fun rock album. But when you dive deeper into the lyrics, like “I got a nice dream/Not so bad to get through/Not too late/Where do we go from here?” you start to realise that this is an album about the uncertain future that Gen Z faces.

Perhaps the angst is the same as our own, or perhaps everything is worse these days. But at least the kids will know it’s all bullshit… right?

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 165. You can read it here.

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