Sui Zhen releases video for ‘Hangin’ On’

Susan’s final bow.

Sui Zhen has released the final video from her 2015 album, Secretly Susan.

The ‘Hangin’ On’ video is the last in the story of her alter ego, Susan.

It chronicles Susan’s search for reality and identity, and the eventual loss of both in cyberspace. 

“It is about the illusory digital ephemera that we use to sculpt our personas, how easily things can appear to seem real, and then in an instant, disappear,” says Sui Zhen. 

The real and unreal is overlapped with pink satin and pastel interiors, backgrounded with hypnotic, pop-synths.

When we caught up with Sui following the release of the album in 2015, she told us she gets “absorbed” in music videos.

No doubt, especially when the ‘Hangin’ On’ video was directed, written and designed by Sui Zhen herself. 

According to NPR, she’s is currently working on her third album, speculated to have the working title, Linda v2.0.

Check out the ‘Hangin’ On’ video below. 


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