Exclusive: Listen to Eilish Gilligan’s new single ‘The Feeling’

Music for your morning.

We’ve got a new track to brighten your morning.

If you haven’t heard of Eilish Gilligan yet, take this as your introduction.

The 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Melbourne made a name for herself as Japanese Wallpaper’s touring vocalist and the front woman of Frida.

Last year, this gal received airplay across all of Triple J’s stations and supported Alex Lahey.

But enough on her credentials.

Today, Eilish has shared with us her new track ‘The Feeling’, a tune that sees her enter into the realm of pop.

Despite the name, it’s not actually about one feeling.

Eilish says it’s about “any feeling that successfully squeezes itself where it isn’t wanted – despondence, hopelessness, even feelings of love – after you perhaps swore off the whole business.”

You can check it out below (trust us, you should).


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