First look: Lila Gold debuts live video ‘Guilt to Gold’

Girls noise.

Presenting the dreamy sounds and unmatched vocals of Lila Gold.

Her debut offering is about to drop and it is just as her name suggests. 

Pushing the boundaries of the pop genre, Lila is bringing something brilliantly bittersweet to our ears, with her live acoustic version of ‘Guilt to Gold’ released via soundcloud last month. Now Lila is backing it up with all the right visuals – just her, her mic and her friend on guitar, against white walls covered in black writing. Phrases like ‘Lila Gold’, ‘run kids run’, ‘girls noise’, ‘Lila, where you at?’ and ‘liberty’ surround Lila.

Born and raised in New York, Ms Gold is now living in Sydney. We are seriously envious of this lovely lady’s unique tone and the way she hits those high notes, mastering the minimal, acoustic vibe the way only those with true, raw talent can. 


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