First look: Martin King drops music video for ‘The Way We Crush’


Melbourne-based artist Martin King (of Oscar + Martin and The Harpoons) recently launched his solo project with single ‘The Way We Crush’.

Having worked with acts such as Banoffee on her recent Do I Make You Nervous? EP, he’s fast becoming one to watch in our books.

Today he dropped the music video for ‘The Way We Crush’, and we’ve been lucky enough to score the premier.

King enlisted the help of director Luke Stephenson and explained his inspiration behind the video:

“For this video, I wanted to make something that felt like it straddled crunchy sci-fi and art house movies from mid last century. Like La Jetée, or like Tetsuo the Iron Man by Shinya Tsukamoto. At the same time, I wanted it to fit into a cannon of late ’90s/early 2000s video clips like ‘No Good’ by the Prodigy and many iconic Australian videos, like any number of those by Savage Garden (particularly some of the “rare” Australia-only releases of theirs).”

Watch the video below.


Director: McLean Stephenson
Set Design: Thomas Llewellyn
Styling: Thomas Llewellyn and Martin King
Assistance from: Zoe Croggon and Reuben Schmidt

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