Giorgio Moroder: déjà vu

Welcome back, Giorgio.

After almost 30 years out of the game, Moroder is back with his 21st album déjà vu.

Proving the 74-year-old isn’t out of touch with trends, this album is jam-packed with diverse guest vocalists on almost every track. Unsurprisingly, the biggest hits here are thanks to these guests. Kylie Minogue feature ‘Right Here, Right Now’ is a slice of glittery disco euphoria, while the Sia-driven title track is a syrupy torch ballad that sounds like it time travelled here straight from the ’70s.

The other big highlight here is Britney’s cover of ’80s hit ‘Tom’s Diner’. It’s sleek and cool in a way that Britney’s own output hasn’t been for years.

The broad range of guests does ultimately detract from the continuity of the album itself, feeling more like a compilation in the end. That said, there’s no one out there making music quite like this.

Welcome back, Giorgio we’ve missed you.


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