Elizabeth Rose on marriage equality in her latest track ‘Division’

Time to re-arrange.

Elizabeth Rose’s latest track ‘Division’ couldn’t have come at a better time in Australia.

The Electronica DJ/producer and singer-songwriter is voicing her opinion loud and clear through her music, pushing for the legalisation of same-sex marriage and hopefully inspiring listeners to take a similar stance.

We know Rose’s voice usually adds another instrumental element to her music, however in ‘Division’, her voice is notably more prominent. In a call to action, the lyrics read: “It’s the Division hurting you and me. It’s time to change, is it time to re-arrange? It starts with you.”

Until the June 17 you can listen to ‘Division’ on Rose’s website. To download, simply pay what you choose and all proceeds will go to AME (Australian Marriage Equality) to help the fight for marriage equality. 

Check it out people.


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