In case you’re interested, Zayn Malik released a line of merch

A new direction.

In today’s non-important news, Zayn (aka the singer of that Pillow song we can’t get out of our heads) has dropped a line of merch.

The 23-item collection features wardrobe staples, from oversized hoodies to graphic tees with Zayn’s name (literally) written all over them.

The drop also pays homage to the singer’s Pakistani roots via Urdu script sweatshirts.

Of course, the streetwear range is mostly black and white, just like our boy’s favourite Instagram filter.

The collection showcases designs by Iron Maiden illustrator Mark Wilkinson, which is probably why the ZDAY tee is heavily reminiscent of vintage rock fashion.  

Prices start at around $30 USD and if you actually want one, they are available on zaynmalikstore.com

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