Hayden James just dropped his latest track (and it’s another banger)


There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, new music. Especially when it’s from Hayden James. Luckily for all of us, he has just dropped his latest track, ‘Just A Lover.’

You’ve most likely been out and about and heard his first banger, ‘Something About You.’ If not, here are some Hayden James fast facts. BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong labelled ‘Something About You’ as the song to watch in 2015 (and what Pete says goes). It was also Triple J’s most played song over summer that year.

To top it all off, Hayden was hailed the ‘face of the new Australian production music scene.’ So you could say we’re expecting great things from his next tune.

The verdict? Hayden James has come through and delivered. ‘Just A Lover’ is the epitome of the ultimate Sunday sesh anthem. It may not be summer here in Aus, but when you listen to the track it sure feels like it.

If you loved ‘Something About You’ or just dig tunes with good vibes, you’re gonna love this one. An androgynous vocal accompanied by driving bass lines and harmonies. The song defs carries reminiscent vibes. Beware, listening to ‘Just A Lover’ may take you on a feels trip.


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