Listen to Nicolas Jaar’s first solo EP in 4 years

Oh Nicolas Jaar, you’ve done it again.

If you’re in the music know, Nicolas Jaar is an all too familiar name. Renowned for creating music with distorted layers of quintessence, Jaar has just released his first solo EP in four years, Nymphs II.

We’re blissing out over the two tracks, ‘The Three Sides of Audrey and Why She’s All Alone Now’ and ‘No One’s Looking at U’ that’s spread over 15 minutes with church-worthy, ethereal vocals and light techno beats. 

With an upbringing in Chile and New York, it’s no wonder Jaar’s distinctive, international range and sounds create a following so big. “I want connection in a club, and I want people to forget their problems,” Jaar tells The Guardian. 

Known for fusing many genres into one track, he was once typecast as creating ‘Blue Wave’ music.  Jaar retorts by saying, “Hey I’m sorry I don’t want to categorise my music I’m actually interested in the complete opposite.” 

Bravo Jaar!


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