Ta-ku and Wafia release first single from their upcoming joint EP (M)edian

Prepare for chills.

Prepare for chills.

Ta-ku and Wafia first joined forces on Ta-ku’s interpretation of Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ which, if you haven’t heard, you need to right now.

Now the duo has released the first single from upcoming joint EP, (M)edian, due for release on August 5.

‘Meet in the Middle’ is the result of the pair’s dreamy vocals mixed over a slow-thumping beat, producing a cool, yet emotional track.

“This song came out of a need to write about a very personal experience that both Reggie and I shared independently of each other. Meet in the Middle is about finding the middle ground to communicate that to someone,” explains vocalist Wafia.

The duo is performing at the Sydney Opera House for a sold-out show in June, but you grab yourself tickets to their other shows here.

They’re touring across Europe and the US shortly after, so catch these two live while you can.


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