Apes: Stranger Than Strangers

A debut album four years in the making.

From Gorillaz to APES, and a debut album that’s been four years in the making.

Stranger Than Strangers is the latest from a young Melbourne band that have been on so many radars for so many years, I’m surprised the cops haven’t picked them up for public disturbance yet.

Opening with their hit 2014 single ‘Pull the Trigger’, I’m happy to say they’ve progressed nicely in the last two years or so. ‘If You Want It’ is a gritty, twisted love song that I’d happily listen to on repeat, ‘Fourth Point’ is a riot and ‘Dimension’ is just the kind of minor-ish, stomping rock that Wolfmother was desperately trying to be.

Definitely worth a second play – and maybe even a third and fourth.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 168. You can read it here.

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