Guy Sebastian: Conscious


One-take vocals

I can hardly believe this is Guy Sebastian’s 10th studio album.

But then, when you think about how long he’s been kicking around (and the fact he was on our FIRST-EVER season of Australian Idol), it’s really no surprise.

Prolific as he is, he’s had some hits and some not-so-good. But I’m digging the fairly recent redirection into the funky pop arenas of your Bruno Mars’.

Flawless as his voice is – even on an album with ‘one-take’ vocals – his song choices veer into background music territory.

Forgive the ‘sex sells’ angle, but Sebastian needs to amp up the sex (something Mars is great at). More falsetto funk à-la ‘High On Me’, and less dreary romanticism à-la ‘Set In Stone’, please.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 174. You can read it here.

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