Rockit Record Players is helping cure your vinyl fix

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Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Because everything sounds better on vinyl.

Society is getting nostalgic and one of the biggest retro resurgences is a rediscovered love affair with vinyl.

Aussie retailer Rockit Record Players is a huge believer in the slow movement, a cultural revolution with the message that faster isn’t always better.

While digital music is accessible and convenient, flocks of music lovers are turning back to vinyl for their fix of tunes.

According to Rockit, this is because people are looking for a more authentic, immersive musical experience. You can see, touch and smell a record as well as hearing it, and that’s something your Apple Music library, no matter how impressive, can’t give you.

With a focus on making vinyl accessible to as many people as possible, Rockit has collected Australia’s largest range of record players. There’s something for every listener, whether you’re after a turntable that’s a retro throwback or something sleek and modern.

As well as record players, you can sort out your whole setup with speakers and accessories, including storage and spare needles. For an even easier shop, there are bundle deals where you can grab it all in one go.

There’s also an online guide for first-time buyers, so you can have your handheld while you’re diving into the brave, not-so-new world.


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