15 minutes with The Kite String Tangle


Talking everything from six-packs to famous horses.

The Kite Stringle Tangle (aka Danny Harley) is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. The Queensland-based electronic artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer was nominated for an ARIA for his self-titled debut album in 2017, which saw him do not one but three national headline tours afterwards, as well as huge sets on the festival circuit. He even collaborated with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra on two sold-out shows.

He’s just released his second album C()D3X, with a national tour planned for later this year. We asked the master of dark and atmospheric electronica cute questions like “If your album was a famous horse, who would it be?” as well as grilling him on his fabled six-pack.

You just released your new album C()D3X. How does it feel to have it out in the world?

It’s a great feeling tbh. It kind came out just as all this COVID-19 stuff was ramping up so it was a really bizarre time. Feels really good though to have my next solid body of work out there.

The album continues your shift towards a harder, darker, more electronic sound. Was that a conscious decision?

Absolutely. I just wanted to bridge the gap a little bit between what I was listening to and what I was creating. I’ve always just let my music come out in whatever way my muse desired so this time round I wanted to give it some gentle encouragement towards my sonic taste.. .if that makes any sense [laughs].

What were your goals with the album?

Honestly, I really wanted to create something cohesive. You’re always your own worst critic, and my biggest gripe with my last couple of releases was that I think they lacked an overall cohesion which is something that I really enjoy when I listen to some of my favourite records. So that was definitely something I was aiming for.

What themes did you want to explore?

I like to leave things pretty open to interpretation lyrically. I like the idea that I can talk about my own experiences and that of those close to me, and people will relive it through the lens of their own experiences. In terms of production, I was definitely trying to explore some darker and more brooding, warehouse soundscapes.

What is the most significant track on the album to you, and why?

There’s an instrumental track on there called ‘1.618’. It’s one of the first ones I wrote for this album and definitely was the first that lived in the new darker warehouse space that the record sits in. This album is the first record I’ve put any instrumentals on at all actually.

What would you pick if the album were… a popular movie?

Donnie Darko.

A quaint hobby?


A lesser-known animal?

Angler fish.

An illegal sport?

Nighttime base jumping.

A famous horse?

The Black Stallion.

A talking car?


A television show?

Black Mirror.

An old-timey food?

Black pudding.

Who have been your favourite artists to collaborate with and why?

I love collaborating with my friend Dustin Tebbutt. He comes at things from a totally different angle and headspace to me and so it’s always really rewarding and fruitful.

What’ve you been listening to during lockdown?

I’ve been slamming two albums from this duo called Weval. Check them out.

How are you keeping sane?

Reading books, lots of activities like origami, watercolours, building volcanos and making them explode, that kind of thing.

Are you a homebody or someone who needs to be out and about?

I’m usually a mix of the two but I’ve definitely found my breaking point for staying home, I can’t wait to go out to a bar and to restaurants again. Damn.

What are you most looking forward to post-lockdown?

Hanging out in a bar with a big group of friends. House parties. Going on dates with my girlfriend. Normality.

Word on the street is you’ve got a bit of a six-pack happening. What exercises do you do to keep in shape? Any tips for others who would like to develop a solid rig?

HA! Whoever told you that is fibbing. I like to run and I’m currently doing my best bodyweight workouts from home like everyone else at the moment [laughs]. My tips would be to stop drinking calories and try intermittent fasting.

What’s next for you?

Right now I’m making new music in my forced downtime but hopefully, we’ll be on the road again to tour the new album later in the year which I’m super excited about.


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