Just because.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

If you love the Queen as much as Veronica in our office (she loves the Queen a lot), you'll be into this. 

Queen in her own right, Charlotte Tilbury, is launching a new lipstick to celebrate our beloved monarch.

The Matte Revolution lipstick comes in a regal red that, according to the Charlotte Tilbury team, encapsulates the Queen’s inimitable style, poise and warmth.

Also, hopefully, her power and money.

Of the lipstick, Charlotte said: 

“I wanted to create a lipstick that honoured the Queen and her enduring style – she is such an inspirational woman, and makes me incredibly proud to be British, and even prouder to have founded a British brand. This lipstick commemorates the beauty and the brilliance of our magical Queen.” 

Somewhat controversially, there has been heated office discussion this morning as to whether the Queen would in fact wear this shade. We say yes, Veronica says no. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

The lipstick launches September 19 and will set you back $48. A small price to pay to look like Queen Liz.