10 products you can shop this Christmas and save the world at the same time

Words by Fashion Journal

Illustration by Twylamae

Christmas tree huggers.

Show me a person who doesn’t go nuts for a hamper of lovely-smelling body butters, bubble baths and fancy soaps for Christmas, and I’ll show you a liar. From your best friend who pampers every Sunday night with a glass of red wine, to your very-hard-to-buy-for aunty, everyone loves bath and body presents. And I mean, EVERYONE. This is great news for the rest of us who are currently trying to wrangle a 3m long list containing ALL THE GIFTS our family and friends would like this year.

If there did happen to be one thing better than gifts of the body care variety, it would be gifts of the body care variety that also give back to the community, protect the planet and help people in need. It’s like The Body Shop heard our wishes to Santa, because this November and December, every purchase (no matter how big or small) that you make at The Body Shop will go towards rewilding 10 million square metres of forest habitat across the world.

So when you’re mum is unwrapping her Mango Shower Gel and a fluffy new loofah this Christmas morning, you can also remind her of what a selfless person you are, in addition to being a thoughtful gift-giver and an amazing child.

Not sure what to choose for each person on your list? Your Christmas elves have got you!

For your best friend

Strawberry Bliss Box
Few scents are as universally adored as The Body Shop’s strawberry. And really, how can you go wrong with a name like ‘Strawberry Bliss Box’? This set has your gal pal’s routine sorted; it includes a shower gel, soap, body butter, body polish and a matching loofah. Just add cucumber slices and some soothing Enya.


Facial Mask Duo
What do the get the grooming pro that has everything? A face mask, obviously. Wait, no – two face masks. Both the Himalayan Charcoal Mask and the Fresh British Rose Mask in this duo are 100% vegan and suitable for all skin types, meaning you don’t have to snoop around in their bathroom cupboard for clues before purchasing.

For your mum

Festive Body Butter Trio
Give the best gift of all this Christmas – the gift of baby bottom soft skin. This three-pack of iconic body butters comes with Peppermint Candy Cane, Vanilla Marshmallow and Berry Bon Bon flavours to make your mum’s bedtime moisturising routine as luxe as possible, while helping her to smell like a delicious holiday dessert.

Spa of the World
So you’d love to send mum on a big ‘ol trip around the world to say thanks for all the home-cooked meals and 3am pickups, but sadly that idea is about $10,000 out of your budget. Cue the Spa of the World gift pack, starring African Ximenia Scrub and Japanese Camellia Cream. It’s designed to give your mum the same international love, just from the comfort of her tub.

For your sibling

Olivia the Owl
Teach your sibling the art of pure relaxation, with a tin owl that’s bursting at the seams with bath and body treats. There are two scents to choose from (strawberry or coconut) and each set comes with a shower gel, hand cream and fun bath bomb. Because we like the environment, the tin itself doubles as a cute moneybox.

Sack of Peppermint Candy Cane Delights
Picture the essence of Christmas. What do you see? Maybe, a sack? One filled with peppermint shower gel, body scrub, body butter and hand cream? You would be right. This is the ultimate gift for your sibling who never quite grew out of the Christmas spirit, and would instead like to be bathed in it all year round.

For your KK

House of Vanilla Marshmallow Delights

Let’s be real: buying KK gifts is no joke. What do you get Carol from Accounts, with whom your only connection is a few passive-aggressive emails at the end of the quarter? We all know KK is an unspoken competition in gift-giving, so put in a bit more effort with this winning combo of vanilla shower gel, luxe body butter and a soft loofah.

Almond Milk and Honey Treats

You might be surprised to find that even with $12, you can still manage a pretty decent gift. This adorable little set contains a mini shower cream and mini body butter, scented with Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain, and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia. Also, who doesn’t love a mini?

Coconut Beauty Bag
Whoa, big spender! Up in the $20 bracket, you’ve got a little more room to play when it comes to KK. If I were you, I’d go for the Coconut Beauty Bag, which includes a summer-scented shower gel, hand cream and body butter. Even better if you’re buying for someone who loves to travel because, instead of packaging, you get a convenient makeup bag. Isn’t that clever?

For whoever you love the most

24 Days of the Enchanted Advent Calendar
If there was one thing we could all possibly love more than ball and body pressies, it’d be an advent calendar. Here we have the mother of all gifts: The 24 Days of the Enchanted Advent Calendar. It’s perfect to give to the Christmas elf in your life that loves to celebrate all month long, or as a little treat yourself gift for making it this far. It contains 24 individual treats, like lip balm, bath bombs, exfoliating gloves and eyeliners to surprise your giftee / you, every single morning.


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