5 makeup artists on the budget beauty products they’re buying this month


Cheap as chips.

If you’re much like a pretty significant chunk of the population, now might not be the time to be indulging in big purchases.

But we know in times of crisis, beauty sales tend to spike. We also know that buying something new is just the endorphin rush we need right now.

So in the interests of encouraging you to treat yourself, and to do so wisely, we quizzed five professional makeup artists on the beauty products they’re turning to this month. All under $30, of course.

Georgia Gaillard, freelance makeup artist

Name of product: Lano Lips, The Original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm
RRP: $18.95 
at Lano Lips
Why I’m buying it: I, like many other makeup artists, like a product that is multipurpose. It makes our kits lighter and can be used for many different things in a pinch, or when travelling. I like using Lano Lips original 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm as a glossy lip balm, as a dewy highlighter or as a wet look on the eyelids.

Get it here.

Chris Arai, freelance makeup artist

Name of product: The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% in Squalane 30mL
RRP: $9.80 at Adore Beauty
Why I’m buying it: It’s the best over the counter solution! Retinol can dry out the skin, but this one doesn’t. After I use it there are no signs of irritation.

Get it here.

Raffaella Tomaiuolo, freelance makeup artist

Name of product: Mac Cosmetics Love Me lipstick in Maison Rouge
RRP: $30 at Mecca
Why I’m buying it: This lipstick is so versatile, especially for its burgundy colour. It can either be used for bold or subtle effect, according to how you apply it. Or, also, as a blush by just tapping it very lightly with your fingers onto cheeks. It is also Argan oil-infused, which means it will remain dewy on the cheeks and moisturise lips at the same time.

Get it here.

Rob Povey, freelance makeup artist

Name of product: Luma Illuminating Hightlighters
RRP: $26.95 at Priceline
Why I’m buying it: This is a sheer, super-creamy illuminating balm that melts into the skin and mimics a realistic, healthy glow and not an artificial shimmer. It’s great tapped onto a bare eye too, for a soft IRL glossy eye effect.

Get it here.

Alphie Sadsad, National Artistry Lead Sephora ANZ

Name of product: Sephora Collection Original Outrageous Plump lip gloss
Why I’m buying it: The Outrageous Plump lip gloss is a perfect Autumn/Winter makeup staple. In one small tube, this lip gloss is enriched with sunflower seed oil, ginger root oil, and peppermint oil, meaning it moisturises and plumps lips. What else can you ask for? Use it and you will instantly get a tingling, plumping effect and help soothe dry, chapped lips.

Get it here.

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