Mecca Live is the answer to your working from home woes

Image via Drunk Elephant
Words by Tori Mathison

Look fly for FaceTime.

As our favourite beauty brands close their physical doors, and we wait with bated breath for the day we can once again indulge in self-care splurges and double down on perfume samples, Mecca has, as per usual, answered our prayers. 

As of Monday, Mecca has launched Mecca Live, a 24-hour beauty update for the cosmetic community while its iconic in-store experience is out of reach. This digital platform is a virtual lifeline for beauty devotees, allowing us to stay in touch and updated with cosmetic content.

Besides the invaluable skin secrets we’re about to be blessed with 24/7, the online initiative isn’t exclusively about cosmetics. Mecca Live is also about giving beauty aficionados a whole new way to connect with each other during these unsettling times.

Maybe you’re in dire need of a new concealer before your next Zoom conference, or a quick-fix for botched eye-makeup before your highly anticipated expedition to Woolworths.

Whatever it is, the Mecca HQ team has made itself more accessible than ever before. Mecca Chit Chat, a Facebook extension of Mecca Live, also allows you to confer with Mecca’s savvy skin and makeup specialists. 

Another noteworthy (and free) extension of Mecca’s online move is the option of virtual services, centred around personalised beauty consultations accessed via FaceTime from the comfort of your own bedroom.

With convenient options including a brief 15-minute beauty break down, or a more in-depth 45-minute skin or makeup consultation, you’ll pretty much be set for anything your self-isolation throws at you. 

It’s difficult to prevent a little water-works and running mascara when it comes to the temporary closure of our literal go-to beauty hubs – the heartbreak is real – but it’s essential in disorienting times like these to take a moment to check-in with our selves.

Self-care is just as much about feeling good as it is about looking good, and Mecca wants to help us achieve this balance. Plus, there’s nothing like a little beauty chat to take your mind off the state of the world. 


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