Triumph & Disaster has released a unisex toner

Men, meet toner.

Well, well, well, what have we here.

Triumph & Disaster has raised the bar again, adding a toning tonic to its lineup. 

This is great news because it’s a well-established fact that not enough men use toner, despite its benefits. And there are many.

For those who don’t know, a toner is used to remove any oily residue that’s left over after washing your face. It’s usually an ultra-light formula that works to tighten pores, even skin tone and leave your skin feeling calm and refreshed. 

Unfortunately, many formulations feature alcohol. But not Triumph & Disaster’s. 

Aptly named Logic, the tonic features all natural cleansing and toning agents. Witch Hazel and Tasmanian Pepper balance and regulate skin tone, tightening pores, while also working topically to protect against acne. Manuka Extract further smooths and treats the skin, leaving an even, toned complexion. 

Added bonus, the new release is unisex, making it an excellent present for anyone in your life (you). 


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