This brand is making skincare easy to understand again

Words by Ruby Staley

Hyaluronic acid who?

If you’ve ever been confused by skincare jargon or thrown off by exaggerated beauty marketing, you’re not alone.

Enter The Inkey List: a UK-based, no-nonsense beauty brand taking away all the unnecessary stuff that makes buying personalised skincare so overwhelming.

In an attempt to avoid phoney marketing schemes, each product comes in clear and informative packaging designed with the everyday person in mind, not just those who are fluent in skincare science.

To help a sister out, technical ingredient names are displayed alongside phonetic spelling to signal that we’re all lost in the scientific wilderness together. But the packaging also dedicates space to explaining in laywoman’s terms what these ingredients are actually meant to do.

Capping its prices at $22, The Inkey List’s affordable approach to a beauty regime allows you to curate a repertoire of cleansers, toners, oils, masks, serums and moisturisers to fit your personal needs.

With brands like The Ordinary and Go-To also scaling back their advertising and packaging, is this type of minimalistic skincare the future of the beauty industry?

Find The Inkey List at Sephora online or in stores.


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