The Ordinary is dropping Niacinamide as a powder mix-in for your moisturisers

Images via The Ordinary
Words by Ella Bazzani-Hockley

Brb, getting a lab coat and goggles.

Toeing the ‘less is more’ line better than any other beauty brand, The Ordinary offers some of the world’s most highly rated beauty basics to followers who love the stripped-back, DIY self-care ethos. 

The Ordinary’s newest product takes this do-it-yourself approach a step further. From next week, customers can buy an entire jar of pure Niacinamide powder to dissolve into water-based serums and creams. 

Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is an active ingredient that balances the pH levels in sebum, and supports healthy skin function. The Ordinary already offers Niacinamide as an active ingredient in serum form, but the introduction of a powder-based product invites users to tailor their minimalist beauty routine even further. The product boasts a DIY-experience which targets visible shininess, enlarged pores and irregular skin texture. 

The Ordinary’s Niacinamide products are already so popular, the brand reportedly sells one bottle of the serum every 3 seconds. 

Users can personalise dosage based on preference, with The Ordinary recommending a quarter-scoop mixed into a palm-sized dollop of your daily (water-based) moisturiser or serum, morning and night. Mixing the Niacinamide powder into your favourite skin product means you can target all manner of skin concerns at once.

It launches August 4 for $9.70. Available online via Deciem


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