Arnsdorf’s patchwork jeans are inside-out denim we can actually get on board with

Images via Arnsdorf
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

We’ll let this one slide.

We know, it’s shocking – a weird denim trend we actually like.

While the phrase ‘inside-out jeans’ would usually induce a horrified shudder, Arnsdorf’s Calder Jeans are making us eat our words.

The high-waisted, wide leg style uses both sides of organic, naturally dyed denim to give a patchwork effect.

Yes, that means one leg is technically inside out. But you’ve got to admit, it looks pretty cool.

Arnsdorf named the style after American sculptor, Alexander Calder, whose work inspired the top-stitching, embroidery and pocket placement.

All that being said, our stance on ridiculous denim trends (like these, or these, or this) has not changed. Less unwearable eyesores, more creative innovation, please.


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