A growing list of the best independent jewellery makers in Australia



The local jewellery labels you need to know.

Jewellery is generally a bit of an investment. And whether you’re shelling out some serious coin on a bejewelled signet ring or commissioning a custom locket, you want to be sure that the piece you end up with is of the best possible quality.

This is because jewellery, perhaps more so than clothing, is imbued with particularly distinct memories and meaning. Maybe one day your child will own the gold chain you wear around your neck, or you’ll be reminded of a past lover each time you put on the hoops they gave you on your first anniversary.

Whatever jewellery means to you, we’re privileged to have an abundance of talented independent jewellery makers in Australia to choose our precious metals from. Below is an ever-growing list of our favourites.

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Miro Miro

Designed by Andrea Goh, Miro Miro jewellery explores elements of Goh’s Chinese heritage through embracing and finding power in rethinking her ‘otherness’. Miro Miro strives to create pieces that are timeless with a contemporary twist, many incorporating 18 karat gold, sterling silver and ethically sourced stones. Green and orange are both recurring colours in Chinese culture and the stones featured in many of the collections are a nod to these shades.


Lott Studio

Lott Studio is based in Abbotsford, Melbourne and sources materials Australia-wide to honour the body as the form that jewellery complements. The brand’s jewellery captures fluid movement with its bespoke minimalist designs and reflects the interplay of masculinity and femininity.



Working from her Surf Coast studio, Australian jeweller Mel D’Alessandro creates fine jewellery inspired by her Italian upbringing. Mel’s handcrafted designs are reinterpretations of classic chains and sleeper earrings, and playfully toe the line between masculinity and femininity.


Lucy Folk


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A goldsmith by trade, Sydney-based jewellery designer Lucy Folk’s aesthetic is inspired by travel, design and craftsmanship. The resulting jewellery is unconventional, artistic and colourful, but highly wearable. The brand’s pieces are timeless and sophisticated while staying true to Folk’s eccentric style.


Sacre Flux

Sacreflux is a Melbourne-based jewellery label founded by designer Georgia Sacre. Through her designs, Georgia pays homage to the people in her life that have inspired her, namely her Nana, who was an antique jewellery collector. 


Ada Hodgson

Working out of the iconic Nicholas Building in Melbourne, jeweller Ada Hodgson creates bespoke one-of-a-kind custom jewellery inspired by gardens (of all kinds) and natural beauty. You will find a lot of her designs offer a classical meets contemporary finish and her pieces are made up of ethically and sustainably sourced materials, including recycled metals and Australian mined and cut gemstones. 


Kannava Jewels


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Made with love in her Brunswick studio, Melbourne-based artist Ruby Kannava operates Kannava Jewels, a label specialising in rings. She characterises her work as ‘wearable art’ and offers both classical, timeless designs alongside more modern, contemporary styles. Each ring aims to magnify the precious stones’ natural beauty and is made with recycled gold and silver.


Eloise Falkiner

After completing a jewellery design course in 2007, Eloise studied the medicinal qualities of botany and botanicals. Falling in love with the structures of plants, she began to draw them, which became the inspiration of her first jewellery collection, Ossicle, in 2019. Designed and created in Melbourne, the beauty of nature continues to underpin her work and her pieces utilise hand-cut stones and local, recycled materials for a minimalist but alluring finish. 


895 Studio

Lovingly handmade in Melbourne, 895 Studio makes dainty, colourful designs, including custom-made beaded rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. All its pieces are made intentionally and sold via Depop, and the wide range of styles on offer means that there’s something for every occasion.


By Nye

Handmade in the heart of Melbourne, By Nye is a sustainable, contemporary Australian jewellery label founded by Nye De Marchi. Nye draws on her visual arts background and love for natural architecture to design timeless and luxurious pieces. Each one-of-a-kind piece is forged through silversmithing and lost wax casting. 


Cleopatra’s Bling

Olivia Cummings’ love of travel and time spent in Paris and the heart of Turkey led her to create Cleopatra’s Bling. Inspired by her trips around the globe, she creates ethical jewellery with wax, metals and ethically sourced stones, all while respecting the ancient jewellery-making traditions she has learnt along the way. 


Two Hills

Two Hills is a contemporary jewellery label founded by Melburnian Rhiannon Smith. Named after the matriarch of her family, Two Hills’s handmade creations are intended to reflect all aspects of femininity, and Rhiannon is committed to manufacturing locally and sustainably in her studio in Melbourne.


Cameron Studio

Homegrown and handmade in Melbourne Australia, Cameron Studio takes a minimal approach to jewellery creating refined and uncomplicated pieces that are both directional and timeless. Cameron Studio offers a range of men’s and unisex jewellery, known best for its signature signet rings.


Bella Clark

With a background in fine arts, Bella Clark uses jewellery as a medium for her artistic expression. Guided by slow, mindful jewellery-making practices, Bella’s unique, heirloom-worthy designs are sustainably made in Melbourne.


Seb Brown


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Since being established in 2009, Melbourne jewellery designer Seb Brown has become a mainstay both in the Australian fashion scene and abroad, loved for his classic yet distinctive signet rings and unexpected pops of colour. When crafting his bespoke pieces he ensures his studio generates as little waste as possible, with each piece being made from recycled or reclaimed silver and gold and the highest quality gemstones available.


Holly Ryan

Founded on the Sunshine Coast in 2010, Holly Ryan is all about timeless design, sustainability and high-quality production. When creating her sculptural fine jewellery, Holly draws inspiration from the earth and the ocean, using precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies and citrine to create pieces to cherish forever.


Underground Sundae

Underground Sundae is a jewellery brand made in Melbourne and founded on strong DIY values. The brand creates playful, unique designs that unite pop culture and high quality materials to give your everyday jewellery a distinctive edge.


Millie Savage

Since its creation seven years ago, Millie Savage has evolved into a brand that values high-level craftsmanship, creating designs that are iconic and stylish. With a studio and store set up in Brunswick, Melbourne, Millie works with a team to custom cut opals and precious gems sourced from Mintabie, South Australia.




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Established over ten years ago by designer Adriana Giuffrida, Poms jewellery is strongly influenced by her Italian heritage and the powerful women in her life. She draws from this inspiration to craft empowering products, each handmade with unique materials aiming to reduce waste, like recycled glass beads.



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Made-to-order Sydney label Ve.co draws its influences from art and nature, creating understated, contemporary genderless pieces. The brand doesn’t believe in trends, choosing to craft their pieces using slow making techniques, traditional finishing techniques and timeless design.



Sguscio is a sustainable jewellery brand based in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. Influenced by biological processes, cell function, and genetics, each collection is a unique selection of handcrafted ‘biojewels’. Working from his Northcote studio, Sguscio designer Bobby handmakes his pieces using lab synthesised gems and ethically sourced materials.


Going Postel

Going Postel is the creation of fashion and architecture student Charlotte Gregg. After experimenting with jewellery while working as a womenswear designer, Charlotte fell in love with the beauty of how wearable accessories can transform an outfit. Going Postel pieces are made-to-order in her Melbourne studio, using ethical practices, recycled materials and minimal waste.


Metal Bender


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Metal Bender designer Laura believes in creating unisex, sustainable pieces with intention – or, as she aptly puts it, ‘wearable alien bling’. Handcrafted on Wurundjeri Country, Laura draws inspiration from nature and the body, always striving to move beyond the gender binary. Her pieces are beautiful, fluid and empowering, made to last a lifetime.


Mountain and Moon

Mountain and Moon create unapologetic jewellery with a more-is-more ethos. Founders Audrey and Ashton share an affinity for high-quality pieces, unique designs and statement jewels that make the wearer feel ‘like a queen’. The best part? With every sale made, Mountain and Moon reinvest into livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment for women in the rural village of Bhikamkor in Rajasthan, India.


Tyra Paydon

Located in Brunswick, the namesake label Tyra Paydon Jewellery pays homage to Tyra’s creative upbringing, experimenting with rainbow stones set into timeless designs. From feminine, pastel gems in fine ear threads to chunky silver signet rings, Paydon captures the different aspects of her personality in her work while celebrating the beauty of raw materials.


Anastasia Mannix

Based in her Collingwood studio, Anastasia Mannix creates beautiful, nostalgic pieces by hand. She uses repurposed heirloom gemstones, opals and precious metals to make her unique designs and signature heart-shaped rings. It’s the beloved costume jewellery from your childhood, all grown up.


Jake Cheeseman

Handmade in Melbourne, Jake Cheeseman is the super-sweet jewellery brand combining smiley faces and playful pendants. Aptly named after Jake himself, the brand is known for its 19-carat gold flower pendants, custom signet rings and – of course – cheesy grins.



Holliegraphic is the made-to-order ‘microbrand’ founded by Hollie Boslem in 2016. Specialising in vividly coloured precious gems, Hollie’s contemporary, freeform designs are crafted with just the right amount of whimsy – think tiny smiley faces, butterflies and fluffy clouds. The bespoke pieces are handcrafted by Hollie in Melbourne, using recycled metals and ethically conscious production methods.




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Mgn is the otherworldly jewellery label centred around the magic glow of gemstones. Created by designer Megan in 2018, the brand is bringing fantasy back to wearable, everyday pieces; a beautiful contrast of glistening colour and ultra-polished molten silver and gold. Each piece is made-to-order in Megan’s Melbourne studio from 100 per cent recycled metal.


Jumbled Jewellery

Naarm-based label Jumbled Jewellery is a candy-coloured, charm-laden dream. Handmade by an all-female team, the brand’s signature beaded necklaces are adorned with tiny toadstools, Hello Kitty and rainbow-coloured dolphins. Its custom orders are open, so you can let really let your inner child run wild.


Madalene Roper

Madalene Roper’s eclectic designs are early 2000s nostalgia, epitomised. The Melbourne-made pieces feature unique clay and resin pendants, available in a variety of ultra-bright colours. Each piece is handcrafted, so no two swirled designs are the same.


Finger Candy


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Finger Candy is the ethereal creation of Melbourne-based designer Mason Tilly. Using predominately ethical lab-grown gemstones, Mason’s pieces are refreshingly fluid and reflective of his organic approach to design. Each piece is sustainably made to order using recycled sterling silver and gold.


Sarah & Sebastian

Sarah & Sebastian’s pieces are inspired by both the natural world and European architecture and art. With social and environmental values being the brand’s focus, it offers ethically sourced gold and silver pieces decorated with a selection of birthstones and feminine figures.


Jolie & Deen

Founded in Melbourne, Jolie & Deen creates well-priced, high-quality designer jewellery without compromising on taste. Defined by its clean, modern aesthetic, its pieces are inspired by the two co-founders’ travel diaries. 


Aletheia & Phos


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Embodying travel, energetic connection and storytelling, Melbourne-based jewellery label Aletheia & Phos handcrafts ethical pieces with intent and purpose. Greek for ‘truth and light’, Aletheia & Phos see jewellery as a unique form of storytelling. With a focus on astrology, many pieces feature the gemstones or engravings representative of various zodiac signs.


Love Isabelle

Minimal, feminine jewellery that’s both gentle and fierce is how Love Isabelle likes to describe itself. Drawing inspiration from the art in everyday life, its pieces are sleek and elegant and made for everyday wear. 



Concerned by the damage the fashion industry causes to the environment, the designer behind Romyli was determined to create pieces that align with their quest of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Ethical, lasting, and feminine, this jewellery will stay with you for the long run.




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With headquarters based in both Los Angeles and Melbourne, jewellery label Newend draws inspiration from different cultures and cityscapes. Subtly blurring the notions of masculinity and femininity, Newend uses sterling silver and 14-carat gold to create timeless pieces. Handmade in house, the delicate and sculptural designs are made to be woven into your existing collection.


Brie Leon

Handmade with love in Sydney, Brie Leon’s vintage-inspired accessories are made to be treasured forever. The refined and romantic designs are made from recycled materials and released in small quantities to avoid overproduction.


Cloven Jewellery

For Cloven Jewellery founder Quinika Davis, what began as a way to make pocket money in high school has turned into a translation of her experiences in the world. Using freshwater pearls, found gold and dainty gems, Quinika creates pieces with meaningful intention, each stone an artistic expression of emotion.


Made by Charlie


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Made By Charlie is the Melbourne-based jewellery label founded by emerging designer Charlie Poustie. Her designs are anchored in rich detail and texture, a modern interpretation of beloved classics. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind.


House of Matilda

House of Matilda is the online marketplace dedicated to finding amazing handcrafted pieces by Australian jewellery designers. Scroll through a beautifully-curated selection of delicate and unique pieces.


Vale Laltra

Vale Laltra is a sustainable, ethically-made unisex label crafting bold sculptural pieces embedded with precious gemstones. Think textural high-quality, elevated pieces guaranteed to get you compliments. The best part? All materials are ethically sourced and produced largely from recycled waste.


Cong Yu


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Jewellery designer Cong Yu’s work draws from her interest in jewellery as a sculptural form; her pieces are heavily inspired by structure and figure. Taking interest in the meditative quality of jewellery, her dreamy collection is made to last.


Jean Riley

Crafted between her Sydney and Brisbane studios, Jean Riley’s thoughtful pieces are inspired by the bubbly outlook of her late mother and muse. Specialising in glass jewellery, you can either customise an existing piece or create your own entirely through the bespoke service. Part of profits also contributes to dementia research, adding more meaning behind every purchase.


Par Moi

Melbourne-based label Par Moi was founded by Ashiya Omundsen in early 2019. Launching as a clothing line, Ashiya designed, drafted, cut and sewed each piece from deadstock fabric to ensure minimal waste. This ethos has carried over into her colourful jewellery designs, with the collection handmade from local materials.


Released from Love

Founded by couple Hannah Roche and Lachlan Malone, Released from Love is an Australian jewellery label inspired by a real-life love story. The duo’s intentionally imperfect designs are made to challenge the conventional aesthetics of fine jewellery, resulting in beautifully organic shapes and forms.


Cushla Whiting

If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, look to family-owned jewellery label Cushla Whiting. The elegant and exquisite designs are perfected with years of strong gemstone and diamond expertise, with everything locally produced in Melbourne.


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