Graine is your textured leather fix

Textured accessories for leather handbag lovers.

We don’t know about you but we’ve always found textured leather to be a little bit more interesting than its smooth counterparts.

Don’t get us wrong. Smooth leather is slick. But pebbled, wrinkled folds on a leather tote? Reminds of us a well-loved piece that’s been handed down generations after generations, travelled around the world, and stuffed full of precious trinkets and possessions that have been curated over time.

Wow we really love handbags.

Also, let’s be real. Our handbags are swimming in crumpled receipts.

Enter Graine. The leather brand we’re obsessed with in the hopes that it will bring us the aforementioned lifestyle and adventures.

They’re a fledgling label designed and made in Melbourne but each piece is handmade in their factory, which has been operating for over 30 years.

They’re all about that unique “no two bags are the same” mantra. They source most of their leather in Tuscany’s tanning region of northern Italy and complement it with select Australian leathers.

Their showroom is in their East Brunswick factory but you can obviously view the full collection online. It’s a nice mix of totes, clutches, tech accessories, satchels, cosmetic cases, wallets and card holders with some pretty cute names inspired by the streets and suburbs of Melbourne.


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