Introducing PHO sizzle

Rockabilly by the seaside.

FJ’s latest favourite comes in the form of PHO sizzle, a newbie Melbourne label.

We’re getting a nautical rockabilly vibe from the label’s creations. Designer Jacqui is inspired by West Africa and Vietnam’s energetic city life, as well as 1950s bombshells and the seaside.

They’ve got a small team in Hanoi, responsible for the tailoring and manufacturing of these graphic pieces. No mass production here guys. With less than 30 of each garment, the original designs make each piece just that extra bit special.

It’s colourful, it’s sassy and it’s perfect for summer. You can shop the collection on their website, or visit them at the Rose St Artists’ Market in Fitzroy. We’re pretty keen on that anglerfish halter dress.


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