KITX releases resort collection, Tomorrow Land

The latest from Kit Willow is pretty phenomenal.

The resort collection from KITX has just dropped and we are in love.

Kit Willow’s second womenswear line is really the paving the way forward for ethical and sustainable fashion. The collection, titled Tomorrow Land, uses techniques like batik printing, hand beading, natural dying with flowers, fruit, plant leaves and trees.

The muted grey, white, cream and black colour palette is offset by vibrant blues and reds. Most of the pieces in the collection were made in India and Vietnam, so the red colour was achieved with the use of tannin, a Hindu antiseptic, and the blue is made from natural indigo.

It’s a fantastic use of textiles. We’re loving the combination of suitwear with flowy pieces, and the pleats, tassels and frills make it that much more exciting.

Phenomenal stuff.


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