Street Snaps: Stance Blogger and Retailer Breakfast

Stance Punks and Poets launch their latest line of socks.

We often take for granted the important things in life, like socks, or toilet paper, and forget to step back to think about where we’d be without them. 

We’ll pay homage to Kleenex another time, but for now, let’s take a moment to appreciate Stance Socks for taking care of our feet. Tactfully located at the intersection of art and socks, Stance carries the torch as THE premium sock brand.

The Stance Blogger and Retailer breakfast last Thursday February 26 showcased their latest range of socks, featuring pairs designed exclusively by the Stance Punks and Poets. The socks skyrocketed up the aesthetic scale, carrying playful references to sport, hip-hop and pop culture, and were comfy as hell. 

There was an impressive turn up of bloggers and celebrities at the event, including Mimi El Ashiry, Kate Peck, Dena Kaplan, Joelle and Prinnie Stevens. 

For stockists call 1800 655 154. 

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