Australia’s Next Top Model Season 9, Finale

And the winner is…

We’ve come to the end of the journey. Tearing up again.


I’ve gotta say. There were like 50 montages in this ep. Of them walking, Looking emotional. Thinking. Crying. Waiting. Breathing. All topped with voiceovers about how far they’ve come and how much they’ve cried.

The girls got to move into The Darling penthouse suite for the finale. Pretty swish! Usual scenes with them trying on robes and jumping on the beds.

The photoshoot this week is for an eight-page editorial in Elle Australia. The brief is all about models off-duty. Brittany and Lucy have to inject their own personality into the shoot. Of the eight photos, a hero shot will be chosen for the judges to score.

The girl with the highest score will officially be Australia’s Next Top Model and only the winner will have her shots published. Stakes are high. Pressure is on.

Like any fashion editor, Justine Cullen from Elle Australia was asserting her authoritay.

They only had half a day to do the full story, which is apparently not that much time. Brittany was up first and she killed it. No anxiety attacks at all and she oozed confidence.

Until she started feeling hot, sweaty and vommy 🙁

Justine was not having it and really wanted to hurry things along. Never mind health!

Brittany got back out there and finished it off with less energy. No less stunning though.

Lucy’s shoot started off shaky. She watched Brittany do her thang and I think it psyched her out. But when Brittany came to watch Lucy, she got a good dose of confidence and smashed it out. Probs the best she’s ever done! Versatile lady.

Quality quotes from Justine throughout.

“Lucy, no pressure but we need to see who you are.”

Life as a fashion editor = stress + coffee.

Back at the house penthouse, Didier and Cheyenne paid them a visit. Guys, these mentors were everything! Super nice, super cool, always there for a cliché affirmation when the girls needed one… love ’em.

They also had a cute little surprise for the girls. Enter MUMMY BRITTANY AND MUMMY LUCY.

Mummy Brittany was obvi super proud of her daughter and could immediately see that her confidence and self-esteem has increased significantly.

Mummy Lucy! OMG who is this lady? The European quirky auntie with a blunt fringe and thick accent that we’ve always wanted in our lives? Yes.

“You’re already my top model.”

Aw, Mummy Lucy!

The girls head to an indie warehouse for the runway where they’ll walk for “300 industry elite”. Again people, what does this meaaan?!

The girls are reunited with the eliminated contestants on the show. OMG YES. Ayieda is running particularly hard towards Brittany and it’s a very confusing moment because isn’t Brttany’s best friend Lauren? And is Ayieda in heels orrr?

But then the real MOJO comes in. It’s Tyra Banks. Sassy, fabulous, powerful, bossay, larger-than life… Tyra.

“Well look at the babies!” she screams.

Jen’s nice and all but TYRA. She does this priceless impersonation of the finalists. She pretends to be Brittany the bogan truck driver but just ends up coming off as a ghetto gansta from da hood. And then she mimics sweet 16-year-old Lucy coming out of her shell and getting fierce. It’s hilar.

Also the delivery of basically every sentence that comes out of her mouth is like a movie script.

“So it’s a stomp to the death tonight.”

Lucy and Brittany got to have little one-on-one pep talks with Tyra and it was lovely. Don’t forget, Tyra’s not just a superhuman. She’s a down-to-earth regular gal, just like the rest of us plebs!

Before the show, Jen introduced all the judges and mentors that we lurve. Didier, Cheyenne and Tyra the queen. Alex Perry got a special little reveal as he walked out onto the runway in his Pitbull formalwear with aviators resting nicely on his lovely bald head. Twinsies.

The runway show was fab. All of the girls looked amazing and Ayieda even showed off her signature wobble. Also, can someone please tell me where all these dresses are from? I need them in my life.

FINAL ELIMINATIONS. In front of everybody on the runway too. Their families were in the audience so there was a lot of crying involved.

They revealed the photos and APPLAUSE.

Lucy looked very high fashion and Brittany was channeling Kate Moss cool.

OMG TYRA. I wish she was in every episode. She goes on a spiel about how Lucy represents the sweet, innocent, girl next door Taylor Swifts of the world, and how Brittany represents the edgy, against the grain, rebellious “I’m going to cut you right now with that razor that’s in my pocket” Rihannas of the world. Yes, that’s a quote courtesy of Tyra.

“Look, we don’t cut people,” Alex Perry retorts.


The scoring. Jen is super indecisive so gives them both a 10. Alex Perry gives Lucy a 9.5 and Brittany a 10. And Tyra? 9.5 for Lucy and a 10 for Brittany.

Lucy = 29/30
Brittany = 30/30


Congratulations to Brittany, Australia’s Next Top babinnnn’ Model! Woohoo!

Guys. It’s been real. Thanks for tuning in to this recap series. I love to make fun of Australia’s Next Top Model but my jokes just veil my love for the show. The judges were tops, the models were lovely and someone needs to give the filmmaking crew a medal (and a raise) because they sure know how to put together a show.

Until next time folks! xx badgalariri


Images via Foxtel.

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