Campbell Charlotte is the next Aussie label taking steps in sustainability

A triple threat.

New label on the block Campbell Charlotte has just released its Summer ’15 collection, offering a combination of art and fashion with intriguing prints. 

The line features digitally printed linen and soft, summer-weight denim, producing a comfortable aesthetic designed to endure.

This innovative label is the brainchild of Charlotte Campbell, a recent RMIT graduate in the fine arts division. Talk about talent.

The young designer is a triple threat, combining design, printmaking and ethical sustainability. You know, all the good stuff. 

If the designs don’t speak enough for themselves, Charlotte’s intentions make the label all the more impressive, with her aim to combat the oversaturated market of fast-fashion.

The young gun does her bit by handmaking pieces in a Melbourne-based studio, and making sure there is as little wastage as possible when producing her minimalist garments. 


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