First pics of Kenzo x H&M have been released


As the old saying goes, don’t let anyone dull your spark.

And despite collaborating with perhaps one of the most inherently wearable retailers on the planet, Kenzo has kept its spark bright for its collaboration with H&M.

At least that how it’s looking after pics were released overnight. 

Judging by the images, it seems the entire collection will feature tiger stripes across blocked bold colours, which is not exactly the everyday wear we’d expect from H&M. And yet, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Kenzo.

Assuming the accessories also make up the range, we can expect incredible graphic gloves, tiger-print stiletto sock booties and a match sock and thong combo – if you’re that way inclined. 

We’re loving what seem to be the uber tight, high-waisted tiger print jeans (jeggings?) but nothing beats that pink shearling coat. We will literally fight you for it. 

The collab drop November 3. 

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