Yep, someone designed and then actually made this giant condom jumpsuit

Just one giant condom.

In today’s wtf news, Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen has made a giant condom jumpsuit. 

Alternatively, a full body condom or safety suit, if you will. 

The Skynfeel Apparel Jumpsuit (as it’s called) is the love child of condom brand, Skyn, and van Dongen, and was especially designed for long-jumpers ahead of this year’s Rio Olympics.

Aside from showing Skyn’s condoms can be really, really big, the jumpsuit was made to demonstrate Skyn’s exclusive use of polysioprene for condoms, which is said to provide a softer, more natural feel. The material is also great for those allergic to latex. 

Apparently benefits of polysioprene also extend beyond the bedroom, lauded for helping the aerodynamics of long-jumpers and minimising body limitations.

The jumpsuit features dragonfly wing-like flaps which act like air pockets, creating lift and giving a fraction more airtime to jumpers. 

If the idea gets picked up, we may be seeing the condom jumpsuit at this year’s Olympics. Awks. 


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