Here’s what’s going down near you for Fashion Revolution Week

Make a change.

Mark the week of April 24 in your calendar.

It’s when millions of people globally will turn their clothing inside out, asking brands ‘Who made my clothes?’.

It’s when the world will commemorate the horrific Rana Plaza factory collapse, in which 1138 Bangladeshi workers were killed. It’s when we’ll call for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Yes people, it’s Fashion Revolution Week. If you’re looking to do more than take a selfie with your clothing tag, there’s a number of ways you can get behind this powerful movement.

Care Repair Wear
Workshop with A.BCH
Bring your broken wardrobe pieces and let the people of A.BCH teach you some very important skills. Learn how to sew on a button, fix a ripped hem and stitch up any growing holes in your garments. It’s all about making the clothes you already own last.
When: April 22
Tickets: $15

The New Normal
Panel discussion
Join representatives from Levi’s and Patagonia, as they meet with Fashion Revolution Australia co-ordinator, Melinda Tually, to discuss how their brands are pioneering sustainability initiatives. You’ll need a pen and paper for this one.
When: April 30
Tickets: $72

The True Cost
Screening and ethical fashion mini market
For those who haven’t yet seen The True Cost, this is an evening well worth your Friday night. The eye-opening documentary will be followed by an ethical fashion mini market, with local vendors offering up sustainable and ethical fashion options.
When: April 28
Tickets: $10

Slow Fashioned
This half-day introductory workshop will take you through the impacts of the slow fashion movement, across many different areas. Learn how to buy more ethically, dissect the pros and cons of fast fashion, and prepare yourself for a career in the ethical fashion industry.
When: May 6
Tickets: $121

Gold Coast
Be a Fashion Revolutionary
Sandal making workshop
People of Queensland, come armed with an old T-shirt and prepare to upcycle your old clothes into a flash pair of sandals. This is a no-sew workshop, so there’s no minimum skill level required. The team will also send out a starter pack before the event to get you pumped.
When: April 30
Tickets: $65

Swop the Seams
Fashion runway and exhibition
Natalie Ivanov is the award-winning seamstress behind eco-friendly swimwear label, Re-Swim Club.Swop is a retailer with a sustainably-sourced collection of vintage and pre-loved goods. Together, they will unveil a new collection, borne from rags and material discards.
When: April 28
Tickets: Free


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 167. You can read it here

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