UNIQLO is hosting workshops to help you become a more conscious dresser

Fostering a more thoughtful approach.

Last month, UNIQLO posed the question ‘why do we get dressed?’ as part of its The Science of Lifewear campaign.

Now, the Japanese retailer is letting us delve a little further into the psychology of getting dressed, with two workshops held in Melbourne at the end of the month.

In a bid to start a conversation around human attitudes towards clothing, UNIQLO has teamed up with The School of Life to present a specially curated event.

Hosted by wellbeing consultant, Dr Nadine Cameron, the workshop will help guests to better understand the conscious and unconscious influences behind our clothing decisions. The aim is to help us all take a more thoughtful approach to what we buy and how we fill our wardrobes.

The first workshop is already sold out, however, tickets are available to a second workshop on May 24.


The Art of Getting Dressed
The White House 
11 Princess Street, St Kilda VIC
Wednesday April 26, 6.30pm
Wednesday May 24, 6.30pm

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